Creative caffeine: Bowerbird Coffee PH

I’ve been looking for a good spot to chill for a few hours in the city that not only serves good coffee but the ambience relaxes me enough to help me absorb everything that I’m reading. I chanced upon an article posted by Misfit CDO that featured Bowerbird Coffee PH and after going thru the write-up, I definitely needed to check it out. I recently paid a visit with a good friend and Jiu Jitsu teammate, Mikee.

The cafe is certainly a ways away from where I live and the places I usually hang out (it’s in Lane 101, Masterson Avenue, Upper Carmen; behind the new Hall of Justice) but after visiting, I’m quite sure I’d still frequent the place. It’s small but it doesn’t feel cramped; it’s quite decorated but the area doesn’t scream for attention. The owner and resident barista makes you feel like you’re a returning customer even when it’s the first time you’ve ever stepped in her dainty bower. She makes sure you enjoy your drink and is willing to make you another without charge if you’re not satisfied. You sit there, sip your coffee, and take your time.

Mikee and I decided to try their specialty coffee and I ordered the Spanish Latte while she had the Toffee Crisp. We’re not exactly keen on sugary drinks anymore since it leaves us with a sluggish feeling as an aftereffect especially during BJJ training days (even though I have a sweet tooth. Sad!) but we’re happy to report the drinks we had were not too sweet and tasted really great!

Check out the short video I made from my visit at the Bowerbird Coffee PH:



Bowerbird Coffee Ph Menu:


What we ordered:


Click HERE and HERE to see more photos from our afternoon at Bowerbird Coffee Ph


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  • Elle

    July 8, 2018 at 10:14 pm Reply

    Lovely read, photos and video beb 👌keep your posts coming 🌹😉

    • Ragdoll Sparrow

      July 18, 2018 at 4:19 am Reply

      Thank you, ate Dee! I love your new site as well!!!!

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