Matcha: What You Should Know


Matcha. Everyone says they know what it is. It’s that bitter-tasting light green colored powdered tea from Japan. Hmmm, well, they’re not wrong but they’re not entirely right either. Let me tell you 5 quick facts on the real deal with Matcha!


1. Not all matcha is made equal

Ceremonial (High Quality) grade matcha does not taste bitter and is known to have a darker green color than its low quality siblings that give off a yellow-green shade. If prepared with precision and thoughtful care, high quality matcha has an umami; a slight sweetness and fullness to it and none of the bitter earthy taste most people are used to when they try to order matcha.


2. Matcha is liquid meditation

Matcha brings out your Zen. While it’s known to have more caffeine than your cup of joe, it leaves you calm while being mentally alert without the coffee jitters. Samurais were known to drink matcha before their battles and is considered part of their Bushido. I haven’t traded coffee in for a 100% matcha life but I do prefer drinking matcha when I study because it helps me concentrate.


3. a potion for immortals

Everyone’s heard or read that matcha helps you lose weight than brewed green tea because of its higher concentration of antioxidants but did you know it also helps with fight skin-aging and soothes joint pain from conditions like arthritis? I swear, it’s true. There’s a 73 year old grandpa I know back in Tokyo who likes to work as a volunteer tour guide for foreigners who walks faster than me and can do walk aaaaalllll day. He likes to drink matcha every morning and never misses a cup every single day of the week.


4. Drink it ASAP

Though matcha is in powder form, it doesn’t automatically mean it will dissolve in hot water once it’s mixed in it. Matcha should be drunk right after it’s prepared as it loses its wonderful umami taste once the powder settles at the bottom of the cup or bowl.


5. Matcha > matcha latte/matcha smoothie/matcha milktea

Ditch the milk because it messes with the benefits you’re supposed to get from matcha. A few studies have proven that protein from milk neutralizes the catechin found in matcha that helps in fighting free radicals from destroying your precious cells. I’ve got nothing against milk except for the fact that it turns this elixir for gods into some mortal drink, benefit-wise.


And there you have it! I hope you found this post very matcha informative. *badum tss*

Chingkeetea’s owner, Chingkee had recently introduced her tea line, Teacup No. 23 (seen in the video above), to the public at the ~Soft event. It was held last August 25-26, 2018 at Chingkeetea’s new branch located at Velez-Gaerlan Sts.(Old Gazebo). I’m definitely staying in tune for more tea sessions and matcha hoarding from her and Teacup No. 23!

However, if you really can’t stop your craving for some milktea sans matcha, it’s better to get your fix at Chingkeetea!

Check out my photos from our short tea session and Chingkee’s limited edition ~soft~ drink, the Rose Hibiscus Brewed Iced Tea, HERE.

  • PABAYO-Hayes St, Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental (Main Branch)
  • Hayes St, Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental (Grand Central Branch)
  • Don Apolinar Velez Corner Gaerlan Streets (Gazebo branch)
  • 3rd Floor Dasmarinas Building, Zamora Street, Poblacion, Iligan City

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Mercedes Bakery Says Hello, Neighbor!


What a lovely surprise from my city’s loveliest and friendliest neighbor!

Mercedes Bakery just handed stressed bar reviewee me a care package with a few of their best-selling products to try out as well as a box of their unreleased Matcha Chookie series!

Now I know I’m not supposed to be gorging on food with processed sugar in it because of the diet I’m maintaining but… it’s already right in front me… and can you really say no to a treasure chest of sweets?! (Yes, I can but I don’t want to hahaha)

I’ve never been much of a big fan of eating pineapple because its acidic juice kind of stings my tongue the more I eat it but Mercedes Bakery’s Pineapple Crumble is an exception. I want to eat pineapple as long as it’s in the form of their pineapple crumble! This product is a Mercedes Bakery original and the first to become the city’s pasalubong and snack favorite from the store. Perfect to pair with brewed coffee or tea in the afternoon!

As with their biscocho, I run the risk of eating a whole bag by myself in one sitting if I’m eating it while multi-tasking. It’s not too sweet and the crunch when you take a bite definitely keeps you busy. I should keep a pack of biscocho in my bag all the time haha!

And finally, they gave me my all-time favorite… Mercedes Bakery’s signature Chookies!

Ugh, I love their chookies to death. I love the classic choco chip the most. I could down a dozen in an hour without realizing it and even if it makes me sluggish from the sugar crash just before Jiu Jitsu training, I have #noragrets. These chewy cookies are just so heavenly that even though I know how sinful it is to be binging on more than two pieces in a day, I’m taking the risk. The owner of the bakery also knows how much I love matcha and let me try out their matcha chookies that they’re experimenting on (and most likely will be releasing sooner or later for public consumption!).

The matcha series they let me try has three flavors: Dark & White Chocolate, White Choco Espresso, and the Smatcha (Smores Matcha!). The series is not as sweet as the non-matcha based chookies but the matcha flavoring is not as strong as others would assume so I would recommend it to people who want to eat chookies that are less sweeter! The white choco espresso has quite the caffeine hit though and I didn’t expect it. I ate two of the Espresso flavor and I could definitely feel like I just drank a shot of strong espresso. My favorite is the Smatcha out of all the three!

If someone would ask me what would be a good pasalubong from Cagayan de Oro City, I would definitely recommend adding Mercedes Bakery to the list! Or! If you’re looking for a great gift for friends and family, a bag of chookies would be enough to put a smile on their faces. It’s not too obvious how much I love the chookies.

P.S. They ship their chookies outside of CDO now!

For more info, you can visit Mercedes Bakery’s website HERE.

More photos of the goodies they gave me can be found HERE!


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GET LOST! Maginhawa Mini Series #1 – The Lost Bread

Screams in millennial

Let’s cut to the chase.

If you’re in Quezon City (QC), everyone will tell you to trek that magical street they call Maginhawa. The local government has been basically endorsing this area to tourists thanks to all the cafes and restaurants that dot the sides of this long strip of asphalt and concrete.

I’ve recently transferred residence (albeit, temporarily) from Cagayan de Oro City to QC since I’m reviewing for the Bar Exam for November 2017 at UP (I graduated last March 2017! Yay! Go me!). Best part is I live 15 min away from Maginhawa street huehue! I’ve started checking out some of the popular places at Maginhawa last Sunday and the first on my mini series is a little about “The Lost Bread“.

It’s a mini series because I can’t spend too much time thinking about what I’m supposed to say regarding the places I’ve visited/will be visiting as I have tons (read: TOOOOOOONSSSSSS) of books to read in preparation for the bar exam and I’m just typing what comes out of my head right now during my allotted 30 minute break.

The place is relatively spacious and it has a second floor but wasn’t open for public use then (probably cleaning time? dunno). I liked the interior: minimalist with a bit of an industrial vibe. Every low-key hipster millennial would silently approve of. There’s also that mural (see photo at the very top of this entry) which just screams millennial for me hahaha! Seriously, look at it for a few seconds and tell me you’re thinking the same thing as well. As to why it’s called “The Lost Bread“, I heard it’s a direct translation of pain de perdu (the bread used in french toast. Ayt let’s move on).

Anyway, I think it’s safe to assume the place is known for their overshakes and french toast (although they do serve full meals and other drinks with pretty names and cool presentations). In my personal opinion, their menu is the total opposite of the restaurant’s interior design; the food they serve are whimsical, playful, and vibrant, whereas, the place is mute and a tad mechanical.


I have to apologize, though, as I did not take photos of their menu since I was too busy ogling and appreciating the food styling used. Pretty eyecatching! My friend, Pawi, ordered an overshake called “The Carousel” which was a strawberry milkshake decorated with peppermint cotton candy, a huge marshmallow lollipop, some merangue on biscuits, sprinkles, wafer sticks, and I don’t know what else was in there. When I saw it only one thought came to my mind: BEHOLD, THE EMBODIMENT OF DIABETES.


Look at that thing. It ain’t cheap, either (295PHP). I, on the other hand, wanted something that had little to do with sugar since I shut down easily nowadays (aka get sleepy and lightheaded; I’VE CHANGED LOL thanks to JiuJitsu) when I have too much, and decided on ordering their Hot Matcha (160PHP).

I was so wrong about this not having any sugar. It had this small ball of cotton candy placed on top of the cup to act as the warm beverage’s sweetener (who tf likes sweet matcha? *gets beaten up by everyone who loves it*). So you had to pour the matcha drink on top and in the middle of the cotton candy. Actually, it looks pretty cute and the idea is quite interesting. I was a little apprehensive about the cotton candy turning my matcha into some overly sweet drink but, thankfully, it did not. A bit disappointed though as the drink is a ‘latte’ and not really ‘pure’ matcha green tea.


Look at that RBF and messy hair hahaha. The sugar was kicking in, tbh. On the other hand, Pawi liked his Carousel Overshake but said it was a bit runny and less creamy than he had expected it to be. Nevertheless, he felt somewhat satisfied.


My final thoughts on “The Lost Bread” for this visit:

  • If you want cool and Instagram-worthy photos, this restaurant is good. The way their products are styled and presented is impressive.
  • It’s not a cheap place, though. While their blue icecream is only 90PHP, the rest of the menu ranges from 160PHP to 300PHP. Better visit when you’ve got extra cash to burn.
  • Hot Matcha was a miss and I am not very keen on trying the Overshakes because, hello, sugar overload in one mug haha.
  • I will probably visit again to try out the ice cream and the meals.


 80 Maginhawa Street, Teacher’s Village, QC

Open Tuesdays till Sundays 11PM-11PM



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