GET LOST! Maginhawa Mini Series #1 – The Lost Bread

Screams in millennial

Let’s cut to the chase.

If you’re in Quezon City (QC), everyone will tell you to trek that magical street they call Maginhawa. The local government has been basically endorsing this area to tourists thanks to all the cafes and restaurants that dot the sides of this long strip of asphalt and concrete.

I’ve recently transferred residence (albeit, temporarily) from Cagayan de Oro City to QC since I’m reviewing for the Bar Exam for November 2017 at UP (I graduated last March 2017! Yay! Go me!). Best part is I live 15 min away from Maginhawa street huehue! I’ve started checking out some of the popular places at Maginhawa last Sunday and the first on my mini series is a little about “The Lost Bread“.

It’s a mini series because I can’t spend too much time thinking about what I’m supposed to say regarding the places I’ve visited/will be visiting as I have tons (read: TOOOOOOONSSSSSS) of books to read in preparation for the bar exam and I’m just typing what comes out of my head right now during my allotted 30 minute break.

The place is relatively spacious and it has a second floor but wasn’t open for public use then (probably cleaning time? dunno). I liked the interior: minimalist with a bit of an industrial vibe. Every low-key hipster millennial would silently approve of. There’s also that mural (see photo at the very top of this entry) which just screams millennial for me hahaha! Seriously, look at it for a few seconds and tell me you’re thinking the same thing as well. As to why it’s called “The Lost Bread“, I heard it’s a direct translation of pain de perdu (the bread used in french toast. Ayt let’s move on).

Anyway, I think it’s safe to assume the place is known for their overshakes and french toast (although they do serve full meals and other drinks with pretty names and cool presentations). In my personal opinion, their menu is the total opposite of the restaurant’s interior design; the food they serve are whimsical, playful, and vibrant, whereas, the place is mute and a tad mechanical.


I have to apologize, though, as I did not take photos of their menu since I was too busy ogling and appreciating the food styling used. Pretty eyecatching! My friend, Pawi, ordered an overshake called “The Carousel” which was a strawberry milkshake decorated with peppermint cotton candy, a huge marshmallow lollipop, some merangue on biscuits, sprinkles, wafer sticks, and I don’t know what else was in there. When I saw it only one thought came to my mind: BEHOLD, THE EMBODIMENT OF DIABETES.


Look at that thing. It ain’t cheap, either (295PHP). I, on the other hand, wanted something that had little to do with sugar since I shut down easily nowadays (aka get sleepy and lightheaded; I’VE CHANGED LOL thanks to JiuJitsu) when I have too much, and decided on ordering their Hot Matcha (160PHP).

I was so wrong about this not having any sugar. It had this small ball of cotton candy placed on top of the cup to act as the warm beverage’s sweetener (who tf likes sweet matcha? *gets beaten up by everyone who loves it*). So you had to pour the matcha drink on top and in the middle of the cotton candy. Actually, it looks pretty cute and the idea is quite interesting. I was a little apprehensive about the cotton candy turning my matcha into some overly sweet drink but, thankfully, it did not. A bit disappointed though as the drink is a ‘latte’ and not really ‘pure’ matcha green tea.


Look at that RBF and messy hair hahaha. The sugar was kicking in, tbh. On the other hand, Pawi liked his Carousel Overshake but said it was a bit runny and less creamy than he had expected it to be. Nevertheless, he felt somewhat satisfied.


My final thoughts on “The Lost Bread” for this visit:

  • If you want cool and Instagram-worthy photos, this restaurant is good. The way their products are styled and presented is impressive.
  • It’s not a cheap place, though. While their blue icecream is only 90PHP, the rest of the menu ranges from 160PHP to 300PHP. Better visit when you’ve got extra cash to burn.
  • Hot Matcha was a miss and I am not very keen on trying the Overshakes because, hello, sugar overload in one mug haha.
  • I will probably visit again to try out the ice cream and the meals.


 80 Maginhawa Street, Teacher’s Village, QC

Open Tuesdays till Sundays 11PM-11PM



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Poem: Table of Contents

Table of contents

A table is a flat bed of thoughts and daydreams;

hidden smoke of all feelings imaginable emanate from its head,

all ideas from pen to paper supported by its legs;

it doesn’t move, you take it for granted, it makes you think;

sub rosa, a table is a witness to your silent notions and private ramblings; 

a solid metaphor where the mind creates secrets without knowing.

Yea… I got inspired by the tables I was decorating for Daydream Lounge and Café hahaha! What do you think about it?

Still a work in progress
Still a work in progress
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A New (Ad)Venture

Greetings from the one who chases daydreams!

Once, I had a daydream about opening my own café and/or lounge. During times when I’m procrastinating and am in no way motivated to continue memorizing legal provisions, I think about what my café/lounge would look like, what it should be known for, and what food I’d love to serve to customers. I’d imagine how I’d feel once it’s right in front of my eyes, like I finally found a place to let my ideas run wild without much constraints.

That daydream is finally coming true.

daydream booksWHY DAYDREAM?

In line with this blog and upon the suggestion of my good friend, Kate, I named the place “Daydream Lounge & Café.”

Also, like I said earlier in this post, it’s because this café/lounge used to be just a daydream but now it’s coming true (If you happen to ask me this personally, please know that I look and speak calmly on the outside but I am so giddy inside).


daydream art

So, what is daydream lounge & café all about?

Daydream is both a Study Lounge and Art Café rolled into one. It’s a place where you can study and at the same time appreciate the works of local freelance artists in Cagayan de Oro City. The café is dedicated to be an avenue for hidden gems to be exhibited without cost.

I want to encourage artists to showcase their works and make my city appreciate what local artists are capable of. Aside from that, I want to build the confidence of beginners in the field of music, literature, and art so that they can continue improving. Everyone is free to exhibit their work and all they need to do is send a message so we can go over the details.

Studies have also suggested that using both sides of the brain makes a person healthier in mind and body, hence, Daydream being purposely created to be both a Study Lounge and Art Café. I want students or anyone working while at the lounge to be more efficient in whatever it is they’re doing; as they use their left side of the brains to read, work, etc, the atmosphere and art around them can make the right side of their brains work when they take a small break. Little things like these are important to me because it creates a difference!

Please watch out for Daydream Lounge & Café‘s opening this September 2016!

Daydream Lounge & Café

Address: 2nd floor, Elipe City, RN Pelaez Boulevard, Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City (right across Liceo de Cagayan University Main Building)



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