A New (Ad)Venture

Greetings from the one who chases daydreams!

Once, I had a daydream about opening my own café and/or lounge. During times when I’m procrastinating and am in no way motivated to continue memorizing legal provisions, I think about what my café/lounge would look like, what it should be known for, and what food I’d love to serve to customers. I’d imagine how I’d feel once it’s right in front of my eyes, like I finally found a place to let my ideas run wild without much constraints.

That daydream is finally coming true.

daydream booksWHY DAYDREAM?

In line with this blog and upon the suggestion of my good friend, Kate, I named the place “Daydream Lounge & Café.”

Also, like I said earlier in this post, it’s because this café/lounge used to be just a daydream but now it’s coming true (If you happen to ask me this personally, please know that I look and speak calmly on the outside but I am so giddy inside).


daydream art

So, what is daydream lounge & café all about?

Daydream is both a Study Lounge and Art Café rolled into one. It’s a place where you can study and at the same time appreciate the works of local freelance artists in Cagayan de Oro City. The café is dedicated to be an avenue for hidden gems to be exhibited without cost.

I want to encourage artists to showcase their works and make my city appreciate what local artists are capable of. Aside from that, I want to build the confidence of beginners in the field of music, literature, and art so that they can continue improving. Everyone is free to exhibit their work and all they need to do is send a message so we can go over the details.

Studies have also suggested that using both sides of the brain makes a person healthier in mind and body, hence, Daydream being purposely created to be both a Study Lounge and Art Café. I want students or anyone working while at the lounge to be more efficient in whatever it is they’re doing; as they use their left side of the brains to read, work, etc, the atmosphere and art around them can make the right side of their brains work when they take a small break. Little things like these are important to me because it creates a difference!

Please watch out for Daydream Lounge & Café‘s opening this September 2016!

Daydream Lounge & Café

Address: 2nd floor, Elipe City, RN Pelaez Boulevard, Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City (right across Liceo de Cagayan University Main Building)

Facebook: http://fb.com/daydreamloungecafe


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