Haiku: Ere

Kung sa’n may ulap;

May eroplano’t ibon;

Ako’y iniwan.


Iniwan sa ere” – loosely translated from Filipino as “left hanging (in the air)

Please don’t do this to people.

Poem: Table of Contents

Table of contents

A table is a flat bed of thoughts and daydreams;

hidden smoke of all feelings imaginable emanate from its head,

all ideas from pen to paper supported by its legs;

it doesn’t move, you take it for granted, it makes you think;

sub rosa, a table is a witness to your silent notions and private ramblings; 

a solid metaphor where the mind creates secrets without knowing.

Yea… I got inspired by the tables I was decorating for Daydream Lounge and Café hahaha! What do you think about it?

Still a work in progress
Still a work in progress