Portraits: #PAOer Couple Stacy and Michael

#PAOer Couple Atty. Stacykitz Dagbay and and Atty. Michael Jan Corrales chilling after a busy inquest proceeding at the office during a weekend.

Venue: Aruma Cafe, Iligan City

Make-up Artist: Agent Dolly

Matcha: What You Should Know


Matcha. Everyone says they know what it is. It’s that bitter-tasting light green colored powdered tea from Japan. Hmmm, well, they’re not wrong but they’re not entirely right either. Let me tell you 5 quick facts on the real deal with Matcha!


1. Not all matcha is made equal

Ceremonial (High Quality) grade matcha does not taste bitter and is known to have a darker green color than its low quality siblings that give off a yellow-green shade. If prepared with precision and thoughtful care, high quality matcha has an umami; a slight sweetness and fullness to it and none of the bitter earthy taste most people are used to when they try to order matcha.


2. Matcha is liquid meditation

Matcha brings out your Zen. While it’s known to have more caffeine than your cup of joe, it leaves you calm while being mentally alert without the coffee jitters. Samurais were known to drink matcha before their battles and is considered part of their Bushido. I haven’t traded coffee in for a 100% matcha life but I do prefer drinking matcha when I study because it helps me concentrate.


3. a potion for immortals

Everyone’s heard or read that matcha helps you lose weight than brewed green tea because of its higher concentration of antioxidants, but did you know that it also helps in fighting skin-aging and is known to soothe joint pain from conditions like arthritis? I swear, it’s true. There’s a 73 year old grandpa I know back in Tokyo who likes to work as a volunteer tour guide for foreigners; he walks faster than me and can walk aaaaalllll day. He likes to drink matcha every morning and never misses a cup every single day of the week.


4. Drink it ASAP

Though matcha is in powder form, it doesn’t automatically mean it will dissolve in hot water once it’s mixed in it. Matcha should be drunk right after it’s prepared as it loses its wonderful umami taste once the powder settles at the bottom of the cup or bowl.


5. Matcha > matcha latte/matcha smoothie/matcha milktea

Ditch the milk because it messes with the benefits you’re supposed to get from matcha. A few studies have proven that protein from milk neutralizes the catechin found in matcha that helps in fighting free radicals from destroying your precious cells. I’ve got nothing against milk except for the fact that it turns this elixir for gods into some mortal drink, benefit-wise.


And there you have it! I hope you found this post very matcha informative. *badum tss*

Chingkeetea’s owner, Chingkee had recently introduced her tea line, Teacup No. 23 (seen in the video above), to the public at the ~Soft event. It was held last August 25-26, 2018 at Chingkeetea’s new branch located at Velez-Gaerlan Sts.(Old Gazebo). I’m definitely staying in tune for more tea sessions and matcha hoarding from her and Teacup No. 23!

However, if you really can’t stop your craving for some milktea sans matcha, it’s better to get your fix at Chingkeetea!

Check out my photos from our short tea session and Chingkee’s limited edition ~soft~ drink, the Rose Hibiscus Brewed Iced Tea, HERE.

  • PABAYO-Hayes St, Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental (Main Branch)
  • Hayes St, Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental (Grand Central Branch)
  • Don Apolinar Velez Corner Gaerlan Streets (Gazebo branch)
  • 3rd Floor Dasmarinas Building, Zamora Street, Poblacion, Iligan City